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Dr. med Ulrich PachmannDr. med Ulrich Pachmann, born 1947, is Specialist in Transfusion Medicine and director of the Dr. Pachmann Laboratory in the Transfusion Medicine Center Bayreuth, which supports physicians and hospitals around the world in treating diseases such as pulmonary embolism, thrombosis and cancer. Furthermore he is the founder and director of SIMFO Spezielle Immunologie Forschung + Entwicklung GmbH.

After a four-year research as a DFG fellow at the Nobel Institute Karolinska in Sweden Dr. Pachmann presented in 1975 his thesis ("summa cum laude") in the field of medical biophysics. At the University of Munich, he set up a transfusion medicine computer system for hospitals. He then successfully managed the Institute for Blood Donation in Bayreuth And set up his own laboratory for Transfusion Medicine in 1998. The methods developed by Dr. Pachmann for determining the individual risk of thrombosis and for quantifying as well as characterizing circulating epithelial cells in the blood, are considered groundbreaking.



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Akkreditiertes Labor Dr. Pachmann
All investigations are handled and performed by our accredited lab partner, Dr. Ulrich Pachmann, Bayreuth, doctor of Transfusion Medicine,