maintrac sensitivity

Testing the sensitivity of tumor cells to drugs

Every patient is unique, every tumor individual.
Sensitivity of.eumor cells to different drugs varies The degree of efficacy of drugs administered can therefore vary. The chemosensitivity test maintrac sensitivity can test in a simple blood sample, which therapeutic agents have the highest probability of working in your individual patient . The drugs are tested on the epithelial tumor cells (CETC) circulating in the blood.

maintrac enables to determine the most effective therapy even before onset of therapy.

The chemosensitivity test uses the cells which had been disseminated from the tumor and are still in the circulation even after removal of the primary tumor.

The cells are exposed to substances over varying periods of time and at different concentrations. Thus the decayy rate of circulating tumor cells using cytotoxic drugs, natural remedies or homeopathic substances can be determined.

With maintrac sensitivity as many of commonly used cytostatic drugs or other medications (small-molecule drugs or alternative medications) as desired, can be tested against the circulating tumor cells. In most cases the medication with the highest probability of efficacy is selected for therapy.

In the example shown, unsuccessful treatment has been changed to a therapy optimized by chemosensitivity testing. The metastasis shrank and the cell number decreased, hence therapy has been properly adjusted.
If your therapy is adjusted, maintrac® proof should be used after administration at appropriate intervals to test whether the new medication is more effective.

Confidence is good, monitoring is better.

Tumor cells can change as a result of therapy or grow again after therapy has been completed. Monitoring the long-term success (also with long-term treatments such as hormone receptor blockade) with maintrac® monitoring using the epithelial tumor cells circulating in your blood is therefore meaningful

maintrac provides a method to evaluate the chemosensitivity of tumor cells, even if no other tumor material is available.

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