What is maintrac? 

maintrac is a blood test that detects cells washed out from the tumor into the blood. These cells are responsible for the metastatic spread and thus for the further course of disease. Cancer therapies aim to destroy these cells.

maintrac monitors the response to cancer therapies

Cancer cells can change during the course of disease. Monitoring these cells in their number and structure is important for early tailoring therapy and for selecting the most effective drugs. By determining dynamics in the number of tumor cells, the tumor activity can be monitored.

Benefits for patients:

maintrac helps to find a customized, personalized and effective therapy.

maintrac enables control of success of the applied therapy.




  1. Enumeration of the circulating tumor cells provides us with information whether the cells successfully are reduced dby the therapy or increase despite therapy, i.e. the treatment is not effective.
  2. During maintenance therapy, maintrac helps to determine whether therapy is still effective.
  3. The drugs which destroy most of the circulating tumor cells can be tested even before chemotherapy. Thus the most effective therapy can be determined. Even naturopathic  therapies can be monitored.


 The latest publication 
Sensitive detection of PD-L1 expression on circulatinge epithelial tumor cells (CETC) could be a potential biomarker to select patients for treatment with PD-1/PD-L1 inhibitors in early and metastatic solid tumors.
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